Bathroom Song Testo

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Testo Bathroom Song

Look at me

Ain't I neat?

wouldn't you think the driver's completely out of his mind?

wouldn't you think I'm the girl

the girl who has to pee?
look at this van

there's no toilet

how many hours can one person hold it?

looking around here you'd think

sure, she's really gotta pee

I've got toilets and sinks aplenty

I've got toilet paper and towels galore

(you want bathrooms? I've got 20!)

but who cares?

There not here
Can you stop?

I wanna be where the bathrooms are

I wanna see wanna see 'em flushing

driving around on those

(what do you call 'em? oh, tires)

screaming at the driver you don't get to far

toliets are required for peeing, pooping

strolling along down a

(what's that word again?) oh, highway

up where they pee

up where they poop

up where they sit all day on the pot

wondering why

wish I could be

part of that group

what would I give

if I could pee

right in those toilets!