Her Song Testo

Testo Her Song

When the day is done and I'm without her I feel like a cloud across the sun 'Cuz she's all I have I feel it in my blood That maybe I'm holding on to a never ending road Ooohhh I'll never know If I'll be looking back when I grow old And feel like I do now She's the only one I need her in my life Anything else seems so wrong I have her in my heart And I will always love her 'till the end of time She's the only one I hold her in my dreams Everytime I close my eyes I feel her in my arms I feel her in my heart This is her song Everytime I'm down and lonely It feels like praying without believing When she's not by my side 'Cuz now I know how much she means to me But I can't change the way she feels Without her in my life Ooohhh She's the only one I'm looking for A way to let her know I'm searching for A way to touch her heart