Hotcha Razz-ma-tazz Testo

Testo Hotcha Razz-ma-tazz

Say, don't be among the late ones, Change your dancing ways, Keep up with the up-to-date ones, And learn that brand-new craze, Listen, pal, you gotta swing and grab your gal, And do that thing, Learn that jig-time dance They call hotcha razz-ma-tazz. No excuse for dignity, Just get loose and follow me. Swing your partners one and all, To hotcha razz-ma-tazz. I'm here to betcha it's gonna getcha, It soon will hit your list, Oh, what a rhythm, It's got a rhythm that your feet cannot resist. It sends you young and old all for it. And they call for more-it, On the floor they call for more, For hotcha razz-ma-tazz.