Sick Society Testo

Testo Sick Society

I hang down helpless into the water
Impaled to a piece of iron, can't stand it longer
Past 'n' future are the same I've got to forget myself
I count on nobody only on my help
Victim of this goddamn society system
I'm my innocent, but noboby cares 'bout the life of man
And that's what you call as a civilisation
in my opinion it's just the drug of sick nation

Flowin' Time
Timeless Space
Space in Mind
Mindless Race

Just look around in our goddamn world
I think it's the wrong way it has turned
I feel like my brain falls apart in a minute
I've done nothing but I have to suffer for it
Don't you feel yourself guilty for the life of some people
Who sink deeper 'n' deeper while you burn in money fever
Living in this mass it's just less than a wonder
Your fuckin' business why I have to go 6 feet under...