Ánima Testo

Testo Ánima

If you get to know
The deepest feeling
You'll know well what pain means
When it's about real
Inner suffering
That bothers you 'til you're down on
your knees
It hurts to lose someone
But on the day of reckoning
I'll be right if the fire lives on in me

The one who gives me faith
I'm gonna get power
I'm gonna get a friend inside
The one who helps me
To find the right way
The one who surely stands on my side
Beside him in the night
Thousands of souls
Are shining bright

So I cry up to the sky
I cry up to the sky

You lead me
Oh so far away
Hand in hand, entwined
But the road
Came to an end for me
All that dwells in the present time
From the distant sky
I hear you quiet, I see you light

I can go no farther
Just walk alone
To the place where silence borns
Big companion
Yet big solitude
And sorrow is yet more and more
Everything disappears slowly
Well-known faces are greeting me
As I reach the end of my road

At the gates of another world
At the gates of another world