Hate (rap Version) Testo

Testo Hate (rap Version)

I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do it I hate you, you are a piece of shit It's time to your muthafuckin' die This is a fuckin' question that why You know it I know it this is right What I want is a muthafuckin' fight Between you and me F.I.G.H.T. The question is to be or not to be I only can say that get the fuck out And do not open your muthafuckin' mouth I hate you I hate you, yes I do I'll kick your head, it's said but true I'll knock you out, so come on, let's fight There's nobody on your muthafuckin' side I'm angry and hungry and want you to die Just say your life goodbye and cry The hate - I have, what I have The hate I have is a negative power I am strong 'cause I know you're sucka I am strong like my man Shaq I'll beat you down with a hard attack You make me sick your head like a dick Now you can't play your dirty trick 'Cause you haven't got muthafuckin' time What I will do it's the perfect crime So I will kill you, that's right, exactly Are you a bunny, come on and hit me Here comes my friend your muthafuckin' end Just say a wrong word and you are dead I won't make an ass out of my mouth Don't cry like a baby, come on let's fight The hate I have is a negative power You are dead muthafucka, game over