Last Warning Testo

Testo Last Warning

Summer is strange, not what it used to be Sun's blinding me but it's still so cold in here There's something in the air Something, that I can't define I can't turn it aside, no. Not this time All I've done can't be forgiven The selfish first born son, yes, that's who I am I go on and on. I can't fill my greed Destroy everything for a piece of nothing Warning signals all around: Prodigal son's been left behind No one sees what's plain to see We cause our own insanity We made a warfield of our homes Prodigal son's been left alone How can you turn your face away?! We dig our own graves everyday Sit down beside me, I've got something to tell: Last night I killed the man also known as myself But who's in the mirror staring back at me? I know this face is the one, that I don't wanna see