Syco I Testo

Testo Syco I

I am turned I am turned to my real self I know my fate My fate is what I accept The imminent end, Trust in the eternal faith It made me who I am I don't fear to pass away I don't need your laws anymore I write the rules of my game Driven by my instincts I'll always find the straight way Ask me: who am I? Look me in the eye It won't tell a lie My life - that's all I've got My fate - is in my blood Sometimes it lets me left behind Sometimes it makes from us a tribe In my skin You can see: my past is scratched To face the fear My rebell pride always helped You let your envy Turn to hate and control you It will ruin everything That's what it will do Your fucked up life turns you against me But we've got the same blood in our veins Would I be different? Less than you? No, we are the same