Symbol Of Silence Testo

Testo Symbol Of Silence

My voice echoes. It fills the town Searching for you, who can't be found I close my eyes and sleep. I feel you again I'm burning inside, my fever's rising high Till the dawn does us apart I want to find that place Tell me which road leads me to you? I only need a little sign And I'll wander to find you Until the end of time Sun dries the tears I wept Embrace my wheezin' breast I don't want to lose my faith in you I want to get out of here. The prison of oblivion Say goodbye, 'cause night is calling And I'm ready to pass away In the cradle of night My cleansed soul sleeps Its smile is true again Its quiet moan is relieved There's patience all around Confusion's left behind If you need a sign I'm fine: Just look up to the sky I painted it there I hid it there I draw it there The symbol of silence