Turtles Ahead Testo

Testo Turtles Ahead

Eh chico, take a look around Bow down for the CDT sound Are you fed up? I don't give a fuck You are the clown of this muthafuckin' town punk Let's have a late night light flight Turtles airlines will be your guide It only has first class, free your mind brother Sit back, relax with the green smooth devil Never ever think it's a matter of time to bring us down - Thanx, we're feelin' fine Don't have us out of sight, no, but step aside Don't forget the danger, it's like suicide Step aside 'cause CDT comes full affect Yeah let's go ahead Asi me gusta, no question my brother These words are strong 'bout the lifestyle I prefer Always speak the truth in the microphone I like it like that when our minds are stoned Sientate - Relajate Con este agradable verde Estas harto mio hermano Apartate - No me paro I try to fly high, but we're damn I see I can't stop, I won't stop, hay que pasarlo asi I don't give a fuck to the things you say No es tu cosa, I still live my way