Depart (With Me) Testo

Testo Depart (With Me)

"so versprecht ihr euch Ewigkeit fast von der Umarmung"

watch me, it sears me
and then take my hand
hear me, oh listen
and then take my hand

every dream deepens the despair
all my cries hidden in lair
and now I let, I let them free
free them all, it's too late for me
every morning lights up another pain
my thoughts stay all the same
come with me, don't leave me here forlorn
sometimes I tend to wish I wouldn't have been born

when will golden eyes shine for me
stare at me, goatsuckers shriek
I see so many pictures come and go
all those impressions rise and flow
away through your eyes
oh look deep, see the wishes hidden
my dawn with you, far away with you
all this and more is in me
to be, to see, depart with me

I, I don't know
what have you done
and I, I would say
all, all away
for you