The Pope Testo

Testo The Pope

It began as a regular day in my room, with a cup of hot black coffee Sure, I was depressed but I always am Some people love life, well not me. But then the choppers came, two by two by ten announcing apocalypse of a different kind So I ran out of my room, ran down the stairs Down the street into Nathan Phillips Square People, people running and horses everywhere Yeah, the Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope We're all here to see the Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope Well you got yer pope pennants, buttons, yer pope clothes You got yer pope binoculars to see him up close and I cried when I saw that man in white I cried much to my surrounder's delight. I cried 'cause I couldn't breathe anymore I cried 'cause people were stepping on my feet Hey, hey Mr. Holiness, way over there, maybe we love you but we're sadly lakcing air. Well, I love that man, Pope John Paul III. I love him, probably more than he deserves. Okay, so he persecutes homosexuals, does not believe in abortion, vists with Kurt Waldheim and tells us not to take the Pill, there's still a certain je ne sais quoi... Some peace, some love some goodwill Yeah, the Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope Pope. (Etc.) Then he scooted away in that great Popemobile I was feeling so trampled I didn't know what else to feel. Then we all kissed the ground where John Paul had been..... I can hardly wait til someone famous comes to town again