Behind Your Sunglasses Testo

Testo Behind Your Sunglasses

I want you to tell me if you keep thinking of her
(Even if it's so far away)
I wish I could guess what feelings you hide
(Behind your sunglasses)

The sun is bright - Oh Oh
But you are here sitting at the bar
Just smoking and drinking all the time
(Drinking all the time)
I've never seen - Oh Oh
Never seen you smile at anybody but her
And now she's gone for ever
(She's gone with another)

And I want you to tell me if you're looking at me
(Now you've turned your head)
I wish that it's me that you are looking for today
(Behind your sunglasses)

I know I'm just - Oh Oh
Just a barmaid and she was a star
But my heart can give you love
Better than her
(Better than her)
If only one day - Oh Oh
I could see your eyes
Behind those glasses
I'd make you understand it
(I'd make you understand it)
I'd really be glad if you were looking on me
(Behind your sunglasses)
No I'm not dreaming you are smiling at me
(Behind your sunglasses)