Kinkladze Was Off The Chizzain! Testo

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Testo Kinkladze Was Off The Chizzain!

If there's someone on my shoulder
I'd prefer to know before
He goes straight through my back
And leaves me lying on the floor
If I've found myself a place
Where I've space and time to act
Then I'm here to help you out
And not stand watching from the back

We were'nt brave enough last time
We were divided and we fell
We've gotta get a hold on this tonight
Let's fuck 'em up
And give 'em hell

Look, we've got to stick together
I can't make this on my own
Even though I always try
When all I should do is go home
We've all been the one to blame
Missed our chance or chickened out
But we've learned to struggle through
And not succumb to our self doubt