#FuckYoBitch Testo

Testo #FuckYoBitch

I told ‘em I would kill it
They tried to put a hit out
Bitch I’m young livin’
Old folks get out
I somewhere in izair
Up in the smoke clizoud
I get high so much
that pickups are a pizout

I’m on this, I got this
Sittin on some profits
I’m chillin on the beach
Wit Martha Stewart and some sock tips
You last year like crocs
I’m this year like this year
My future lookin bright
so I’d say its crispy clear

I’m so sweet like Krispy Kreme
5 or 6 up in the Beam
Drivin down on 95
Bitch I’m headed to the bean
I got what you hatin’ on
Dog I’m what you tryin to be
So keep goin like free throwin
Cuz I’m all up behind the three
I witcha girl up in ya bed
All those line are kinda dead
But it’s true, I'm actually fuckin her
Forget all of those lines were said
I am known to be a king
I was born to be a star
All these people lookin at me
like I’m goin to mow they lawn

Well nigga fuck that, I’m outtie
I’m outtie like an Audi
I’m outtie like an innie
Man I'm outtie out in Maui
Wit some girlies on my nuts
Like Imma rap star or sumtin
And they tryin to take me home
But I'm just tryin make some muffins

Cuz I’m high as fuck
on the river
You the loser
I’m the winner
And my girlie got that ass
Better sticker than a snicker
My life’s blang, your wife changed
In my bed, life change
We fucked all in the football stands
Call that shit a night game
I’m smoking on the light green
It burns down til its white
That good stuff can do that
Dog look it up, cuz I’m right
www.suckmydick #fuckyobitch
Got that Colin Powell; I’m rich bitch

Period I’m kickflippin
Shoelaces, My vans trippin
I’m fallin over, I’m drizzy drunk
Mike Jones, still tippin
I got these kids at my show
smoking weed up in the crowd
Security can’t kick em out
We burn this motherfucker down

We lampin til she turn me off
Get it, lamps? Turn it off
I treat my girl like luxury
Call that chick a foreign car
I’m sicker than the common cold
Sicker than bein kind old
And Fuck these lil bitches who got one flow
They kinda blow

I got that, I don’t need a hook
Like hand fishin don’t need a hook
English class, I'm in this bitch
Best believe I don’t read a book
I keep my joints stuffed like you never check the mail...
That last line was brail
So stay up out my business
This ain't show and tell