Liberty Print Testo

Testo Liberty Print

Thoughts are getting hotter than the steam
From my bathtub, it's keeping me clean
What an ugly thing to do and say
To tell you I want you
I’ll take you any old way

Oh, then you'll see I like Liberty print
Is that shallow of me?
Oh, then you'll know
I felt small in the Albert Hall

Thoughts are getting hot, I’ll stay aloof
As my heart beats its record of truth
What a selfish thing to say and do
To tell him I miss him except now it's true

Oh, he caused a scene on the ballroom floor
Smashed my dream
Oh, he got kicked out
As all my friends came pouring out

I don't think he really got over
Fulfilling his dream to bе a top goal scorer
I thought about the time hе called me up
And he asked if I loved him, I wanted to hang up

Oh, now I see
He had a lot to give
Wanted to give it to me
Oh, and we live with grief
You are still our boy
Blue-eyed baby

Oh, what a terrible waste
Of a young man's time
You never did find peace
Oh, it's no fun
I had to visit your mother
You were her only son
I went to visit your mother
You were her only son