Grayson Testo

Testo Grayson

Hey, do you remember
Spending two weeks of the summer
Like our hips were glued
Sunburnt shoulders start to soften
Long since lost your number
But I still have that old picture
That I drew of you
Buried under closet boxes

And maybe I needed you
More than I know
Oh, grayson
Where did you go

Try to wish it better
But you’re curly-haired forever
Until I wake up
Move along like nothing’s different
It’s certainly idealist
But then maybe I could change it
By thinking hard enough
Will you back like nothing happened

And maybe you needed me
More than I know
Oh, grayson
Where did you go
Standing in an empty bedroom
Laying in an open field
Everywhere I go I see you
Though you never made it here
I hadn’t even thought about you
Now how am I supposed to feel
When nothing that I do can make it real

Hey, do you remember
When it was just us together
For a week or two
But then I started shifting, slow
So I let my grip loosen
I never thought you’d do it
And I hope I’m wrong
I hope you never felt so lonely

But maybe you needed
Just about anyone
Oh, grayson
Where did you go