Caroline Testo

Testo Caroline

I've been seein' my, I've been seein' my, seein' my own death
I've been laying down, I've been going down, givin' strangers head
And I've been telling myself that I'm better than this
But I'm not
No one is

Now I've been underground, I've been slowing down, crossing county lines
I've been coming too but it's always you, always on my mind
Come to realise I've been looking the wrong way my whole life
Now I see you

Now I know there is love, I know there is love that doesn't have to do
Anything that you, anything that you don't want it to do
And he was a good man, but he just wasn't good for me
If you know what I mean

Now I can't take my eyes, I can't take my eyes, take them from the view
Trying to find myself in the hurricane turning inside you
And I've been so bored, I'm waiting for your love
Well, here I am

Caroline, I feel it
Tell me you do, too
Take my time, I don't need it
Unless it's time with you

Caroline, I'm on fire
Take my hand and touch my soul
I was wrong to doubt you
You turn my whole world gold, Caroline