Comebacks And The Like Testo

Testo Comebacks And The Like

Im gonna tell the world, yeah how its not my fault
Im just a victim here, yeah arent we all
I was framed as part, of this elaborate crime
Theres just no way I will, serve any time

All the times that we had to lie or give it up
Trying not to fall, when getting by is not enough

You just wanted too much and now of all these places
No familiar faces telling me youll be just fine if you give it time and try harder

This whole world does seem, to be against all of me
Or am I just dreaming, yeah possibly
Though we rise and fall, you stick with us through it all
The world might be against us, but we stand tall

Isnt this a comeback, I dont know why not
Isnt this a comeback, we could live forever and never be right,
This could be our only chance to try

Its never enough to have it all, if its too much you trip and fall