The Terrible Turns Testo

Testo The Terrible Turns

Find this funny i dare the audience
me, the dame, the cross-minded game i don't remember how to play
but i'm trying to write something without the i's and you's
but those word carry so much meaning

cause this is all about the i's and the you's
and the terrible turns we go through

this goes on and on everyday and night we hold out for the next one
this goes on and on everyday and night we hold on

i've got two decades underneath my belt
you'd think by now i'd have this all figured out
but no that's just not how this goes
all you college grads and your moms and dads
you just don't have a clue

we're moving but in the wrong direction
stay away from the mirror avoid the reflection
the truth hurts so lets tell lies
anything to keep us satisfied

hold your breath till you make something of yourself
maybe then we'll be right
you gotta love how we want to succeed
but we'll never now cause our generation is lazy