Sweet Little Jesus Boy Testo

Testo Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Sweet little Jesus Boy
They made You be born in a manguh [manger]
Sweet little Holy chil'
Didn't know who You wus [was]
Didn't know You'd come to save us Lawd
To take our sins away

Our eyes wus bline [was blind]
We couldn't see
We didn't know who You wus [was]
Long time ago You wus bawn [was born]
Bawn in a manguh [manger] low

Sweet little Jesus Boy
De worl' [the world] treat You mean, Lawd
Treat me mean too
But please, Suh, fuhgive [Sir, forgive] us Lawd
We didn't know 'twas You

Sweet little Jesus Boy
Bawn [born] long time ago
Sweet little Holy chil'
An' we didn't know who You wus [was]