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Testo Selfish

I gave you more than I give myself

So loyal to you that I betray myself

Well I guess Ima wither away

You a snake and you chose to slither today

I gave my all my love and my trust but

I guess my all just wasn't enough

Yeah there's something about you I can't help it

But Ima do for myself I'm being selfish

Babe your melody is the voice I need makes me skip a beat yeah

And baby you know it yeah

But it's hard to show it

See the one I love used to be in clubs used to fuck with thugs yeah

And I can't expose it yeah cause she already know it yeah

But why don't you ask me
Why is it so hard to fall in love

Why don't you ask me

Why can I never ever ever try

Why don't you ask me

Why everything is going this way

Why don't you ask me

I guess we don't know

They say the one that you truly love hurts you the most

Now the one that I truly love hurt me the most

Now the one that you truly love is hurting you the most

I guess I'll never know

Why I got so cold

It's not your fault

Be selfish, be selfish, be selfish Withering away as I gaze at the sky looking at his face and all the pain it's caused me

I ask why

Didn't I love

Didn't I give you more than I ever gave myself

What do you wish cause that part of me no longer exist

This time I'm first, I'm picking me

I finally learned to be selfish