Blackout Testo

Testo Blackout

Freedom is earnt through sacrifice and bloodshed.
Perpetual motion, cycle after cycle, the wheel turns, as we recapitulate.
Disillusioned by a ticking clock, in truth we are the enemy.
Time will come to claim it's prize, by leave with empty hands.
Regret built this prison, we must find the key,
or bend the bars to break free. Tired of safety, this security.
At the edge of the earth and we've found nothing,
years wasted chasing ghosts through city streets and broken homes,
has it led you to the path you have to walk,
our fee will burn blister and bleed before we make it home.
The smartest men of our generation will refuse to walk in their fathers footsteps.
Without direction, there is no progress.
Break the cycle, shatter the clocks, burn the calendars.
Freedom is a choice.