Snail Testo

Testo Snail

I was just born like this
Wish that I could change it
Four peculiar limbs and a head that doesn't fit
Wish that I was still a kid

I was just born like this
Doctors knew before I did
There's another snail living with me in my shell
It's fair to say I don't like it
I'm hanging out with the bullets in my mouth
And when you look away I'll spit them out
I'm hanging out with the foxes and the hounds
And when I fit in I'll break back out

Really hope you've found something
Honestly I've had enough of looking at a dead man

I just wanna scrape my knees
Cry until my mommy sees
Popsicle to make a mess
All over my Sunday best

Learn everything
For the first time again

I just wanna be a kid
I just wanna be a kid
But I don't wanna be a kid who was born like this