Freedom Waits Testo

Testo Freedom Waits

Of birds so light their throats can sing
Freedom waits within the wings
The cautious wade in shallow streams
Or await the clinging grasp of dream
Never learn to soundly sleep
Wait with openness to clasp the hands of those you meet

"I will show you fear in a handful of dust"
How could you abandon underprivileged youth
Close the door
And against this barrier
Hold with justification
A misnamed fragile one
Unnamed, unsaved

Is another day awake
The conscious mind to know this feat
Your shadow at evening rises to meet
And "the dead tree gives no shelter
Where the sun beats
For you only know a heap of broken images"

How then else are we defined
Sons of gaia, daughters of man
Your shadow at morning strides behind
Awake another day
Scales rooted in another's cracking frame
And who I am is weighed
When life is one, a player's game
Piece of gain in mind

Father's lot maintained
With no fret from angled brow
Seekers stand crowned
Until the nameless cease to bow
And tides carry us forward
Reasons guide movement
Unless your wrapped in doubt
A body without spirit.