My Little Secret Testo

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Testo My Little Secret

I hope she doesn't see
The lipstick stain on the edge of the wine glass
Hope that she can't see it in my eyes

I hope she doesn't notice
I've come home late every night this week
Trying to keep it together, it's getting harder and harder each time

To keep this hidden away
I'm running out of things I can say

I can't sleep from thinking bout you
And I can't tell lies from the truth
And I can't hide you like this for very much longer
And I don't know which way to run
And I feel myself coming undone
And I don't know how much longer I can keep it
My little secret

I hope she doesn't notice
This look on my face from thinking bout you
Stories are getting harder for me to tell

And each time I try
To take one step away
I find myself crashing back into you
Taking this chance that I know now I shouldn't be taken


Know that there will come a day, when it all comes falling down
I just can't walk away
I find myself crashing back into you, taking this chance