Through The Ashes Testo

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Testo Through The Ashes

I Can’T Believe What I Felt
The First Time That I Tasted Your Tears
I Couldn’T Imagine What Was Inside Your
Soul And Your Sick World

I Never Wanted To Be Your Slave
But I Did It All The Same All Day
And Every Time I’M Asking For Some More More
Waiting For Your Love
And I Don’T Know
And I Don’T Care
And I Wanna Go Down And Diggin’ Through The Ashes
And I Don’T Know
And I Don’T Care
But I Wanna Go Deep Inside In Through The Ashes
I Don’T Know Why
And I Don’T Know Where
But I’Ve Got To Do This
Diggin’Down In Through The Ashes

I’Ve Dragged Waters And Found Lies
Searching For A Little Time
I Want A Minute With No More Pain Pain
This Is My New Game

I Never Wanted To Be Alone
But The Truth Is At The Door
And Everytime I Lose A Part Of Me Me
A New Scar On My Skin


Another Day, Another Sun Will Blind Me
I Gotta Go, The Universe Will Be So Close
To My Heart And My Soul