One Step Ahead Testo

Testo One Step Ahead

It's time to buckle up, let's go
There's an evil power to overthrow
It's time to do or die
It's time to stay alive
It's time to be a spy again!

It's time to decide who will be saved
Who do you trust, who do you betray
Will I live to see tomorrow or die another day
One step ahead!
That's how it's always been
No matter what you do,
you'll always lose and I will always win!
One step ahead, I'm sorry my old friend
But I'm still here after all those years when you thought I
was dead
I was one step ahead!

It's time to save the world again

Typical Curt!
And pretend to be a hero again

Typical jerk!
What happened to the man I knew

It's a little late for an interview

Feelin' a lot of deja vu again

It's time for you to feel the heat

Revenge is going to taste so sweet

Old buddy

Old pal

We meet again
One step ahead

You played me from the start

Well look at you without a clue

You know you broke my heart

One step ahead
I'm sorry my old friend

Don't deny I was the better spy

I liked you better when you were dead

One step ahead

One step ahead

One step ahead

It's how it's always been

Can't let you win

I'm still here

After all those years

And I'm better than you again

This is the end

One step ahead

One step ahead

No one's innocent

My friend, you lost your mind

And you've been blind

Together: And now we're at the end
This is what you made me do
This is it

We're done

We're through

I've nothing left to say to you
So long,
Auf Wiedersehen,