Kiss Me Quick (with Yahwe Mutabo) Testo

Testo Kiss Me Quick (with Yahwe Mutabo)

The other night while we'd been spooning softly whispering and our love crooning Thought hte old folks and the children were all in bed I heard footsteps on the floor walkin', then you bet I then quit talkin' And she slid a little bit closer up and said Kiss me quick ( kiss me quick ) and go away ( and go away ) And then no one ( and then no one ) will ever know( will know ever know ) It's too late ( it's too late ) too long to say ( too long to say ) Kiss me quick my honey, Oh kiss me quick and go Then I left that I was cheating and my heart it skipped its beating When the old man tried to peeping through the cracks Out the window then I had business, around the house I went a-whizzin' With a big white English bulldog on my tracks * Refrain Riding bushes and jumpin' fences and I like to have lost my senses When that big tired English bulldog caught my rear Up the hill and down the levcel I couldn't out run that big devil With those words a-ringing softly in my ears * Refrain