My Kind Of People Testo

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Testo My Kind Of People

[feat. Jazze Pha, Menta]

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
So if you like coke
And you like to go
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)
And if you ?? good
I knew you would
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)

My name is sugar sweat sweet as a candy shop
Yes I got about every car n each of 'em candy dropped
Now gather round y'all here comes a sight to see
Me and Menta are come and kill 'em consecutively
I walk through the door I don't even look at the line
Smokin pine standin under the exit sign
Shorty confused me with the thang that she start to grind
We're havin big fun blow up some stars to shine


We gon' drank good, some smoke good, interior is all oak wood
You know how me and my folks do it, it's A-Town we don't play around
78 Deville to a Ferris wheel, where is at? There it is
Did you like that well then write back
matter fact in a minute I'll be right back
(Skuurt) I'm back what's up now I done went and got my truck now
I don't know here come good luck now somebody else wanna (fuck) now
Now you 'Lo his cognac, he done been to the moon already done that
Get on in and lemme show you the world and you's my kind of people girl


[Cee-Lo (Jazze Pha)]
Now I can smell, somebody put good grain in the air
(Ain't nothin better than some real good music)
And there's a lot, of fine ass women everywhere
(Ohh cause your eyes are startin on me)
All in the room, they dancin n drinkin n havin fun
(Boogie on the floor put your back into it)
Why don't you take, your dead-ass home if you ain't havin none
(Don't just stand around and just watch is do it)