Hide N Seek Testo

Testo Hide N Seek

Hey look, the walls are caving into us
You seem a little bit too close to me
Tick tock, the clock is slow today
I can’t talk with you looking at my face

I stare (you look so good tonight)
I might leave, you stay out of my sight
I need to call somebody
It’s an emergency
hey ma
I think i might be in trouble
I think i might be in love (in love!)
Hey pa
I think my heart size just doubled
I think i might be in love (in love!)

Why are you coming after me
Fine fine well let’s play hide and seek
I can’t stand you next to me
Can’t stand your proximity

Were you listening to my private phone call
It’s none of your none of your business at all
Now you’re tagged, so turn around
Cuz i’m going out of town