Troubleshooting Testo

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Testo Troubleshooting

You missed the right, turn
Left at this light, it's cool
We’re running late
'Cause at least we're on the way now
You pay attention
I’ll pay attention too (You)

We got unlucky
We're so unlucky
What's this whirring sound?
I think the engine's breaking down now
Things fall apart when
They fall apart, they do

My hands are shaking
The way you're facing me
The sun is setting pretty as we speak now
Can you fix it? Can we fix it here?

Your hands are shaking too
I see your face
I'm sorry for your loss
And I'm sorry that I'm in your way
Should I go away?

Don’t mind me watching you
I watch you troubleshoot
Don’t mind me (Don't mind me) watching you
I watch you troubleshoot
If you think I’m staring
At your side view mirror then you're wrong
And it's funny, it's been so damn long (Ooh)
And you don’t know, you don't know
You keep your eyes right there on the road
The right side of your face is a Benz Mercedes dipped in gold
As we're driving home