Lord, I Must Be Strong Now Testo

Testo Lord, I Must Be Strong Now

I must be strong now
The weight of the world is weighing me into the ground
I have to shake my head from those clouds
Stop falling down and hold my head up proud
I never belonged but everyone longs for something or someone
Do not let your fears turn into visions
Hypnotised by paranoid televisions!
You are destined for greatness, open the consciousness
Do your best, you are blessed
Love the loveless and break the heartless
Even if this is not my home
I am not alone
Exploring the hunger to belong
Best friends long gone
But I'll never forget them
With me till the end my friend

We can stay free, cherish our memories, even when we
Use substance to gain self esteem, we alleviate anxieties
Fuck sake it's only temporary before depression gets you thinking negatively
It's a struggle to conquer in sobriety, but it will make for a stronger mentality
Mental health is a priority. Suicide is on my mind almost daily
I gave thanks for the times that you gave me
And nothing but respect for your bravery
Now I want to be happy, and I recognize the love around me
I start to think positively and I remember to use; courtesy