Here I Am Testo

Testo Here I Am

[Verse 1:]
In the depths of the hangars in my soul,
there's a place where your heart has found its home.
The last time that I saw you in that dress
you was there for the viewing you were dead.
And in your final days I kissed you,
we sang your songs to ease your soul but....

We shared our lives, (Don't you forget)
And all our time (was time well spent)
You are the one I'll always love.

Just give me something I can believe
in since you've gone and left me here.
I'll smile at the sky and wait for my life with you.

[Verse 2:]
And through it all while you are sleeping,
I hold your hands because they're shaking and I'm waiting for it.
Tight breath and nervous clutching it's almost time so kiss me.
I'll hold your hands because I'm shaking and I'm afraid so....

(No) No... (I won't leave you alone so don't go)
Don't go (I won't leave you alone So. Don't.)

We shared what we loved and You'll come back to me.
I miss what we were and a Mother's Son believes
that when you go you never die.

You taught to believe and I learned from your speech.
I finally believe You're here with me.