Stay Dirty Testo

Testo Stay Dirty

Uhh, what? Yeah. Uh, haha. What's really populatin'?
Huh? I'm on motherfuckin' man. Yeah.
Celph Titled, Frosty The Snow Thug, you already snuffed motherfucker.
Artist of the month. This is big man. It's real big. Major.
730 made the beat. Awww man. 730! We keepin' it so gangsta, gravy, Godzilla.
Errr. Got the Celph Titled/Buckwild album droppin' Oct. 26th.
No Sleep Recordings. You need to get that. Yeah. I got 'em 730, let's go.

Terrorizin' the whole city
I'm not a human entity
No plasma, DLP or LCD can picture me vividly
And if it's me you know it's hardcore to the gutter
Carve 'em up with a cardboard cutter
My glock blows shells like Taco Bells sells taco shells
Pop bar-rells this may not go well
I miss Big L, Big Pun and Biggie
Inspired me to do it, now I do it so they stay livin' within me
I never sold O's just hold chrome
The Goodyear Blimp said, "Fuck Celph" so I blew it out the O-Zone
Almost home, landin' on the tarmac
In a G5, it make you sick, dick here's a barf bag
My bullets is (out to just get cha)
In one ear out the other like (a calculus lecture)
Blow out from the pressure
Celph stop bustin' at 'em
I can't help it, my trigger finger got muscle spasms
And what just happened?
Me and 730 went destructo
I slap hoes, you let your chickens cluck though
You never shot a gat, you wore Davy Crockett hats
Stole from the neighbor, got scolded then you brought it back (faggot)
You was born being gay, I was born to repeat D-Day
With missiles launch codes programmed in my DNA
Nineteen Ninety Now in stores October 26th
Make sure you buy it so I keep comin' with the dopest shit

[Chorus: x2]
We stay d-d-d-d dirty
Celph Titled... 730
D-d-d dirty
Heard me? (Bllllahhh!)
I spit like you heard an AK speak
But nah, it's just a freestyle for HHG

Yeah. Bitch boy. I guess there's ain't really nothin' else to say man.
I guess it's just really, ain't nothin' else to say. What more can I say?
All I know is we're winnin'. Winnin'. Yesss. And y'all can not fuck with me.
You can't fuck with me. My raps kill kill kill (kill).