Way Of The Gun Testo

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Testo Way Of The Gun

Abandon ship, esoterics at the landing strip,
Plan to rip your clan to bits,
You standing stiff like you inadimate,
the jam i spit ???
they try to cancel it and sample it,
til this theres a better way of understanding it,
i know u cannot handle it,
im on some fancy shit, while your crib is candle lit,
??????,quick to dismantle your mauscript,
you think you scare me with banana clips,
well theres no chance of it,
my no control vocals, roll over ya patrol,
im pokin holes in heads like im makin totem poles,
whether chokin souls (Demigodz rep to the death),
so sucka step to the left, im eatin all my older goals,
reading holy scrolls, like im reading yesterdays news,
on the funny strip, come n rip, test shay n lose,
yo im rippin ???, ayo you best stay in 2's,
cuzz' my split personality is splittin ya'll crews.

~~~~Celph Titled~~~~~
Celph Titled's on some real insane sick shit,
cut the presidents face off,
and rob a mother fucking bank with it,
i sleep with a machete motherfucker i got guns too,
that'll put holes in your torso big enough to jump through,
we dont recite rap verses, instead we spit grenades,
you cant write a rhyme without some fucked up shit to say,
when i question you, i wont speak proper ill ask you,
fuck a meat cleaver, we got heaters n mac millys,
act silly and wittness the flame of the cannonblast,
recycle your calcium and use your scar tissue to wipe my ass,
send in recruits and im turning special forces,
into nothing but skeletons rocking berets and burnt musket blades,
in hells kitchen we keep the shells spittin,
dont thing its strange we use our block as a shootin range,
highway to heaven or the devils course,
i got explosives thatll make your body land in like ??? coffin.

~~~~Lord Digga~~~~
call me dick scott heron, or heroin,
the dope crews veteran, yall think that your better than?
ya'll niggaz better lay low,
i flip mc's, like brick of yayo,
ya'll from montreal you get your brain exposed,
brook non time bomb, watch me explode,
extra magazines, watch me reload,
i gotta spit barcode, but niggaz cant scare me,
rap with no legs, so niggaz cant stand me,
i got more jewels then Stanley, your peppermint patty flows,
nothing but candy, ya'll sweet and weak,
and your fuckin up my teeth, cuzz' your all i eat,
reverend run with guns, but i dont preach,
bust techs get wet like, sex on a beach,
call me a robbin leech, i wanna blood money,
i smoke mc's like the gummys, yall aint gully,
my nigga apathy runnin up in your baby mothers,
im fuckin your sisters, duck tapin your brothers,
cuzz' them fools didnt believe, that we brothaz we other,
got styles for life, yall lifestyle rubbers

i got metal magnum like im megatron,
metamorph to a weapon, whippin bitches if they steppin,
im rippin tissue, the bloody mess,
im missin some vital pieces inside of my cerebellum,
building adrenaline til im tremblin,
and tripling my physical mass, to clash with crews,
i blast fast and smash fags im bad news,
ill bruise brains and rapidly, rip apart your anatomy,
cuz apathy is fatter then a phat farm faculty,
Ap's known for spittin, plus shots im lickin,
got more biscuits then kentucky fried chicken,
bitch chillen with thugs, thatll fill you with slugs,
since you was pushin hot wheels across your livingroom rug,
ima demigod, god dammit, god please forgive me,
god bless, but god forbid kids try to spit for me,
i fuck you up spiritually, mentally and physically,
father please forgive wack mc's tryna rap with me