Seeds To The Wind Testo

Testo Seeds To The Wind

People were driven from their homes,Banished from their glen,Scattered afar, like seeds to the wind,The weak died on the journey,The strong grow stronger yet,Made themselves a better lifeStill they can't forgetChorus:Lord Ronald McDonald father o'the clan,How could you use such a heavy hand?To force away the people who'd fought for your name?Now the highlands will never be the same.When they tried to tell you,Things were going bad,Their ancient homes were being sold,You couldn't understand,For you were only Scots in name,Your heart was never there,You cared nothing for your Northern landsYou left them stripped and bareChorusYou said that right was on your side,The law of the land,That law was made for peopleWith money in their hands.The land belongs to no one,It's owned by all an dyet,You sold Clan Donald's heritageTo pay your foreign debt.ChorusNever be the same, never be the same.