Servants To The Throne Of Stone Testo

Testo Servants To The Throne Of Stone

Let It Be Tyranny That Forever Haunts Your Soul
Serve To The Lord Of Stone & The Dark Heart That He Holds
Assassins Of The Night, Set Out Upon The Land
Spirits Of The Forest Be Thy Guide When Battle Is At Hand

Go Now, Serve Your Lord; Guardians Eternal
Let The Dark Fires Of Hades Burn Forever Internal
Archers Take Shelter In The Darkness Of The Trees
Let Your Burning Eyes Of Fire Lead You Into Seige
One Who Stray Away Into Lands Far From Home
Shall Be A Souvenir To The Throne Of Stone
The Heads Of Men Lay On The Ground Covered In Leaves
The Bodies Left For Warning; Hanging In The Boundry Trees

Oh Servants... To The Throne Of Stone

... And So It Was Written, A Dark Eleven Prophecy
Bound By The Blood Of Mortals
And The Destruction Of Light Eternal
That Night They Came Striking With Vengeance & Fury
And At The Moment Of Their Enemies Fall
They Were Forever Known As Kings!