Chapter IX: The Book Of Truth Testo

Testo Chapter IX: The Book Of Truth

The three Lords of Twilight hold a Wisdom far beyond the reals of knowledge even for the wisest man around.
God's Lost Name repeated seven times spoken in tongues, will be the sign of Doomsday, to Eternity we're bound.
The Book of Truth displays the Future as it well may be, behold the Day of Reckoning: Lust and Sodomy

Long ago, someone came, "I'm the Son of God", he claimed.
On the cross he died in vain, now he must die once again.

Ascendance into Skies of Light will only bring you down.
Deny the 'Savior', Jesus Christ, a liar and a clown.
"The Lord will only help you if you give your love to him".
Help yourself and save your love, don't let that coward in.
The Bible tells numerous tales of heaven and of Hell.
If they were true, the world would be a 'Paradise under a spell'.