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Testo Strange Creature

He's a goddamn, goddamn twist - twista - science
And man made madness

Past dreams, past hopes and schemes
My crew flowin' and blowin' up and that's dope to me
Homie, I open ya chi with the stroke of a key
And you can scope it in threes, bro it's totally sweet
My poetry's so many bullet bills loaded and cocked
Fannin' the hammer head sharp shooter blowin' my top
The grass knoll park shooter melons will pop
Bearing witness to how the glom-glom element rock
Gentlemen, pull ya mic out, walk 'em like a tightrope
How to stay a float ah, guide 'em like a lighthouse
Career been getting rocky, hide inside a lifeboat
Panic, abandon ship el cap-i-tan about survival
Ah ah, lemme calm down, get 'em on arrival
Place ya hand palm down sweatin on the bible
Keep your weapons drawn, manifested all styles
Lucky lefty steppin' on ya leprechaun title ya bitch

It's simple chemistry, really
You can't fathom the astrophysics
They are but a technology beyond our wildest imagination
In terms, we will teach them how to love

What is up doe? Am I faded?
Fuck No! Sober than a muthafucka
Still on that cut throat
Similar to Aston Coming thru, blastin'
Similies like 2 23's I'm an assassin
Big ass bullets with a big ass dick
And you can go and ask my mama she'll say 'Yeah that's Nick!'
(That's my baby)
Knew a couple crips, knew a couple bloods
But I choose to be an insane artist and not a thug
Mixin; up words like some volatile chemicals
Tryna blow up like Nitrogen inside an inner tube
Minuscule minds may not comprehend, the depths of my insanity could crush a mortal man
Hear no, speak no, see no evil, I leave that to Godi
I'm the rap Don Cheeto (what the fuck?!)
And Ubi he could be the tony stark or
You could be the coward ass lion with a phony heart

I keep it moving, you dead? I'mma head a mile
It's heated In the kitchen, I'm chefin;, go get a towel
Witness the Resurrection they said I've been dead awhile
And I am a nice guy compared to a pedophile (damn)
I'm playing Rip Van Villain, so put the beard away
And flowin; tidal wavy while chugging another beer today
Could give a shit if the haters appear or here to stay
And like I won't shake em and throw my fuckin' career away
Don't ever come at me Griffin', I ain't a sucker
If my blade's in your cunt then my knife is a motherfucker
Kill alert, ill alert, pen spilling still in the dojo
I curse the Polaroid if I strike a pose for the photo
Click, for sure though, it ain't a problem to pen pain
If I have a death wish If I die its a win, yay
I got the pulling these idiots try to push me
If you are what you eat, then its safe to call me a pussy

They do my intentions better than I did myself
It was a new race that spoke in dreams
I was able to displace my body three feet from the spot I was standing
That and the ability to read minds

My-my-my vocal tone fitted, I broke a bone with it
Trained for combat like a locamoti-div
Bombin' on the track like it's Kosovo, get it?
Get my Zach Delarocha on, soak your soul in it
The team I play for is Ces we will take organs
Illuminatti leave your body in the great forest
If he want a peace of me then he gon' wait for it
And if he close to me then he don't need to pay for it
Meter maid score it, Anita Bake chorus
See a place foreign leavin any day Dorris
Watch over my brother I'mma keep em safe, warning!
Bitin' all up on the hook and I don't need the bait, Norman
I'm leavin' break orbit, We in space soarin'
Keep a cape, super hero need a break, Norris
Deviate, getting music free I hate Torrent
And if they come at us we wage war, pray for 'em dawg