Tempus Fugit Testo

Testo Tempus Fugit

[Verse 1: Ubiquitous]
I see the lights dimming and dial spinning, the clockbells chime
Now the hour is 13, we can not tell time
Time told me "Don't take long," I told time to wait
Time said "Never for no man", and "There's no time to waste"
Now I'm on the clock grinding, what, you thought I stopped shining?
While you fall off and evaporate like waterdrops drying
Stop lying, your pop's crying, the tiny violins
I told you once, if I told your ass, time and time again
The time to win is now, even if the pendulum snaps
And a can spinning around, I started so I will finish, proud
Clock's ticking, trippin', I'm locking at my watch different
Lost minutes missing, drifting in and out of consiousnesses, this is

[Verse 2: Godemis]
Y'all hear the tick-tock, the seconds are shaved off
I reckon they hate us for stepping our game up
The message is keep enemies close, cut the grass low
Tip a cup of swill, I feel like such a asshole
But the scene seems so jaded, my team finally made it
We just graduated in a class fascinated
My cap and gown glow, gamma rays hit
The paper, we buck 'em down slow, Strange fans keep the yapers
I write on the level, not quite like the devil
We rock, rollin' stone and y'all just some pebbles
I travel slow and step into the next stage
Cause he who hurries keeps one foot in the grave