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Testo The Playground

[Intro: Ubiquitous]
I'm the fliest, Philly lighting, filibuster, flow philanthropist
Fill 'em with pheromones while fantasising over cannabis
Calling him Solomon, concubines swallow Klonopins
Follow him down the rabbit hole and hold delights anonymous
My native tongue, dope enough to make your nasal run
The way we come in and kill 'em with butter vocal radiance
Riduculo rhythm original pushing the pinnacle
Pull a centrefold Sally and double digit De Niro-ro
[Verse 1: Godemis]
Pardon my penmanship, my paragraph pin point so
I hog tie'em, poke'em and prod'em and burn the joint slow
Slang so ridiculous I'm speaking in tongues right?
Plus my flesh bubbling when under the sunlight
The, demon is in'em, Dean'll continue to bring'em the venom
In a verse, don't consider it sinning sinner, sayonara
I serenade with sentences simply
While dancing on the beat like fingers tapping on ten keys

[Verse 2: Ubiquitous]
I'm saturated with tomorrow, I make her temple bounce like Achilles
Decapitated Impolo, your days are borrowed , make a model
To manipulate minds like, Che Guevara, this is classic
Like Dean Malenko,Eddie Guerrero, flost feddy apparel
Throw a gloss on the era, rock a mic like Heraldo Rivera
With broken nose I'm approaching those, with broken flows
Just so you know, when I do-ci-do, yall paralyzed like polio ayo

[Verse 3: Godemis]
Yo we know no nose like Godemis knows nose
The window of opportunity closed on my friends and foes
Ya I suppose, looking through but I dosed off, life is a bitch
She was rippin on me snatchin her clothes off
I caught a vision of her inside the stormy weather
It was reminded a thing of beauties a joy forever
Always say never, I’m cuttin ‘em all down
Past the point of no return puffin Diesel and James Brown…

[Verse 4: Ubiquitous]
Every joint I touch n burn , a seal of an 8th sounds
2009 Kids get killed on the playground
While you wait around for weight
I know my way around ya place
No mistakes allowed, galvanizen brake ya power gates
Praise academy, start with letter J and add a D
The U B I, double deep in ya greyest anatomy, I’m sayin
Inhale the 3rd fifth an nineteenth exhale imagination
Now that’s amazin, assassination Jason!

[Verse 5: Godemis]
You want it come n get it we got it for all yall
The U B I we’ll callem out like a foul ball
We doubt yall, Rookies are ready for runnin game
Regular rappers get run-over playin chickens with trains
Blow ya brain, out the back of ya bobble’n head home
Slayer sounds, people burn down the village n head home
There poems, out from rebels from layin em all down
Keep ya hands and ya feet to yourself on the playground