I'ma Take It Testo

Testo I'ma Take It

Hoe ass niggas on top
Timber watch me chop
Bring em on down a notch
Who gone take it
I'ma take it
Think you got the game on lock
Think so I think not
Bitch I'm great not hot
Who gone make it
I'ma make it

Erbody wanna be on top...
\"But\", end up like some women on top
When they be havin' sex (what)
Ridin dicks...
Get off a nigga jock...
Ho-lice get off a nigga block
Hoverin' around spot
Playa don't watch me watch my watch
Time to shine is the time it say on my clock
Six feet, murderin' da block
chicks keep, comin' by the flocks
Tahoe runnin'
Pocahantas comin'
Navaho huntin'
'Til I'm at the top
Look to the east, nobody there
Look to the west, nobody there
Looked up north, nuttin but GOD...
I looked to the south oh there yall are

[Chorus] (2x)

You know my (4x)
Back to the block
Scopin' out the spot
Look what we got
Lookin' at you, got a nigga hot
I aint thinkin' 'bout you ho I'm thinkin' 'bout a not
All them hips that's a whole bunch of tricks
All them tricks that's a whole bunch of tips
All them tips that's a whole bunch of grip
All that grip that's a whole bunch of whips
All them whips that's a whole bunch of trips
All them trips that's a whole bunch of flips
Guard my flips wit a whole bunch of clips
Talk a whole bunch of shit bunch of holes in ya shit
Chopper talk bunch of chalk that's my fault
FBI homicide CSI for the overtime

[Chorus] (2x)

You know my (4x)
You know my style get jocked
More than a horse
You know I drop more tops
On girls than a porche
You know I drop so hot
I'm four times a torch
All these facts remain...
Cuz my brain is so off the chain

All i know
Is one way ta go
Go hard or home
And, I ain't home
So hard I go
Until I'm gone
When, I press play
They blown away
For those that hate
All I say...
Check how the crowd behave
There's no debate

[Chorus] (2x)

C.H.A.D. The Change
I'ma Take It
Imma Take It