Cut Off My Hands Testo

Testo Cut Off My Hands

Cut off both my hands
and threw them in the sand
watched them swim away from me
like a pair of bloody crabs
closed my eyes and dreamed of different skies,
stare straight at the sun and try not to cry for you.

oh no,
doused in waves
of static haze
i grew my mind
into a maze.

it makes me sick
to even think of it.

fall asleep and disappear.
pop some pills
to chase your fear.
she said i love you both the same
before she drifted away.

Captured by the jackals
and thrown into a cold
they tortured you for days
and then let you go home.

I can see them now,
just flapping in the wind.
Like a giant stinking mouth
that's been shootin' out spit.

Oh no,
oh no.