See-Thru-Skin Testo

Testo See-Thru-Skin

If your words were to run away

I'd circle everything you say

And point the bubble back towards your mouth

Photographs and photosynthesis

Everything's to blame for all of this
Beauty lies and so does everyone else

Just like you

I can see my veins right through my skin

They are bluey-green and branch right off

Like those little floating highways

And the roadmapped river

Nervous systems make me nervous

Especially now that they've hurt us
Lying still I feel this silence stir

And if your mind was to duplicate itself

Slowly grow into an ocean

Would you reabsorb and let the current pull you in

I can feel my lungs fill full with air

They are pinkish-red and branch right out

Like the tracks in the subways

Or the horns of the caribou

Yeah yeah yeah yeah