Sippin Drank Testo

Testo Sippin Drank

Posed at tha crib getting ready for tonight, This unit fresh in tha slab alright, finish up with tha gangsta cap and slide on all of this ice, step out in the room and cut off all the lights, I'm fucked up, Green herb and purple potion, Got me crusin in a swervin motion, on leather that's smooth as lotion, while tha trunk wave like a big blue ocean, make that ass so squeezed I'm showin, don't make me turn em off when I see eyes patrolin, got me trowed wood wheel I am holding, pulp to tha club with eyes half open, if I keep sippin drank I'm gone end chopped and screwed you know how a player do baby, if I keep sippin drank I'm gone end up chopped and screwed pullin every bad bitch in my view, choppin it up with your mind cause I like how you move girl, your man run up to fast one blast gone leave you screwed girl, now I don't wanna swang but you gone make me swang on you, if I keep sippin drank.