Baby Tonight Testo

Testo Baby Tonight

Come closer, listen to me
Baby I'm sure, I've got just what you need
You want me hmmm, and I want you just the same
And I'm not gonna stop, until you call my name
I could be...

I could be yours, and you could be mine
You can be my baby tonight
And if it feels good, and if it feels right
You can be my baby tonight...

Let's not waste precious time, hmmm
Just say the words, and I'll make you mine oh
Lay me down, and stroke my body
Baby take your time, make love to me
Do you mind...

Do you mind, if I stroke you up and down
Make you feel, like you've never felt before
Open up, let me give you more
Let me be, your baby tonight...

You can be my, you can be my
You can be my baby tonight