Ladie's Man Testo

Testo Ladie's Man

[Intro]Hey, hey, yo, is this thing on?Oh, for a second thereI thought that I was the onlyWhose man put his car before his girlPut his friends before the relationshipBut I guess these are the thingsWe just gotta deal with, huhStood me up for the thousandth timeSaid he was running 'roundHe was crazy busy at the studioI wanted to key his car, cut his clothesI wanted him to dieBut then he slipped in for a secondAnd he hit it and he made it alrightOh, yeah, yeahHe's a ladies man, a playboySmooth talkin', (ooh) doe, trickin' hoPimpin', gotta go, gotta roll tightWas the same excuseUsed every trick in the bookGame no good, shooBut I love this man(Repeat)Any girl would come and say that I'm a foolGirl don't trip, cuz you knowThat it done happened to youYou done ran into a guyThat had your head all messed upGot you comin' out your clothesTalkin' you out your drawersAnd then never fall in loveChorusI know he got another girl(I know he got another girl)Know he ain't always at work(Not at work, ain't at work)I know he really got the pay(He was workin' studio)I know about the games he play(I done played those before)I ain't one who didn't knowSometimes you gotta play the roleNever made me feel like I'm a hoBut he made me feel like I'm all womanChorus Fade