Broke Down Kid Interlude Testo

Testo Broke Down Kid Interlude

Shit, I probably...

Yeah, shit's crazy when you, uh
When you're broke down and lonesome
Have nowhere to turn to, you know, it's just...
I gotta give it strong one to the man upstairs and, uh
Growing up Black was always my issue
But it's not really an issue
It's a gift, rather
It's a, um, gift
This is facts

This another side of me
Side I can't let you see
Side I can't let you see
Survivor's guilt make me feel so down (Shit, nigga)
And I hope that you stick around
I know a heavy bank account won't keep friends around
Just a broke down kid, mmm
Now I realize why my girl can't stand me
I mean we both can't stand me
And, shit, I'm 'bout to call her
'Cause this broke down kid will become your king
But you know what?
I'm living my dream, shit
Yеah, I'm living my dream
(Broke down kid)

It's all about the pеrson you're becoming
It's all about the person you're becoming