Christmas Came Today Testo

Testo Christmas Came Today

[feat. Seven]

Oh, do you want me girl?
Baby love how you been doing?
Have you been naughty and nice baby?
Tell me what are we doing?
It's snowing on this beautiful music
And when I'll earn a present tonight, you gonna be the one, listen to me now
Go Judith
... you want me boy [x2]
Just kiss me, Oh baby

Christmas came today, and we can,.. Christmas came today
Baby love, you know I'm hungry
You brought them pennies with your ride
... just wanna... they won't hear a sound
I'm like... she come back like a yo yo
Girl I don't make you rain, I make you snow
You and me start, tell me now, your life is so... on the floor

Girl you want me more
Oh baby, we can both say Christmas came today
We can both say Christmas came today
Oh Judith,
Girl you want me boy, you just tease me
Oh baby.